Work Hard.
Play Hard.

It takes an entire team to create something extraordinary. Together, we share ideas, have fun with one another and enjoy a game of cornhole along the way!

Work With Purpose

Your skills, expertise and knowledge are exactly what we’re looking for. We want motivated people who love challenges, solving problems and developing their craft. Bring your talents to the table.

Work-life balance is important

 We’re a family-owned company run by a father-daughter duo, so we understand wanting to work for a place that cares for you and we’ll do just that. We’re here for you.

Not your
typical workplace

Flexible schedule

Because life happens.

First shift only

Time with family is important, and we only offer 1 shift.

Health & retirement

Comprehensive health and retirement plans for you.

Time off

Paid time off and paid holidays.

Leave time

Generous parental leave.

Profit sharing

After 1 year of employment.

One Team

One Mission

Having a healthy, collaborative company culture is the key to success. At PTR, we put a lot of focus on developing our culture to make it a place where our employees feel at home and a part of something bigger.


We want our employees to love where they work and be passionate about their career, so we support our team with endless perks and benefits!

On-site gym & personal trainer

Your health is important to us. We want to you to feel your best, so we have an on-site gym with a personal trainer that works directly with you. There’s no need to pay for a gym membership.

Freshly-stocked vending machines

Sandwiches, salads, candy and more – all right at your fingertips. We have a fully stocked vending machine that has fresh food available to you at any time in the day.

Custom apparel & marketplace

PTR swag? Yes please. We give all of our employees a credit to purchase customized apparel since everyone has their own preferences on what style of clothing they prefer. This is just another way that we like to say, “thanks.”

Parties, meals & happy hours

We love to celebrate! Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, Friday (or really any day for that matter), we love to have a good time. Relationships matter to us, so we grill out, play cornhole and have fun.



Fort Wayne, Indiana – home sweet home to PTR. We are proud of our roots and where we’re from. We started as a small team of a few people and now are a family of 100+! Fort Wayne is a place that’s near and dear to our hearts. A big city with a small town feel, we love the many outdoor parks, endless activities (like downtown baseball games and rooftop bars) and vibrant community.


Any question you might have, answered right here for you.

Do I have to have experience in the truck rental industry to work at PTR?

Nope! Whether you’ve worked in the truck and trailer rental industry or not, we’d love for you to still apply.

What benefits does PTR offer?

We have a 401K match, profit sharing program for our employees to be involved in, 24/7 access to our on-site gym and much, much more!

What happens after I apply?

One of our hiring managers will contact you about possible next steps if we think we would be great fits for one another!